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A proven name in the field of software development with 30 years of experience in designing and creating software packages according to your requirements.
C Lab Logo
Our knowledge and capabilities cover a very wide area. The projects we deal with include design and production of devices for various uses, driven by our own software solutions, which are always adaptable to the specific needs of our clients.
Queue machines
Do you want to reduce your queues and introduce order in your waiting room? Our queue machines are your ideal employee. Unobtrusive, available to all, with clear and legible graphics and the ability to use multiple waiting queues. Advertising content can be added per your request.
Payment kiosks
Enable quick and secure payment of all your services. Applicable in secured spaces, with appealing design and equipment from renowned manufacturers for receiving and returning coins and banknotes.
Remote vehicle monitoring
Be informed of the location of your vehicle fleet at all times. In addition to the standard real-time monitoring capabilities on the map, we also offer vehicle tracking by employee: who, when and where did the employee use the vehicle.
Reduce the cost of issuing and sending invoices to your customers. Provide them with a simple and quick overview of your outstanding invoices, downloading payment orders, and creating an even larger base of satisfied users.
Products and services
The spectrum of our offer includes various products and services. If reliable and durable hardware is your priority, contact us with confidence. Protect your data with top antivirus software. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the best solutions and implementing them in your work environment.
Our own modular software solutions enable you to use exactly what you need. Whether you are a small company, trading company, bookkeeping service, utility company, or a retailer - our range of software solutions is exactly what you need. Do you need payroll, invoicing, warehouse operations, calculations or have some special feature request, our team of experts will adapt the software to your needs.
Regardless of your size, from micro companies to large companies, we can offer you an optimal computing solution. We use products from renowned manufacturers of computer and network equipment, and we offer a complete service of delivery, implementation and maintenance.
Whether you need a graphic design, web design or multimedia content design, it's all part of our offer. If you are looking for someone to design and print plasticized magnetic cards or any other type of cards, contact us with confidence.
About us
A stable team of long-time highly educated experts is a guarantee of our quality. Our presence of 30 years on this field speaks for itself. Apart from Croatia, our products are also used multiple countries in the region, which further affirms our capabilities.
Quality wins
We are aware that there is strong competition on the market, with a variety of offers, differing both in prices and in product quality. We believe that we are among those who can lead with the quality of our products, and the correct attitude towards our business partners.
Stereotypes die
We do not offer instant applications. We adapt to your needs and requirements. Creating a software package is done after a snapshot of the current status, and defining the project task. We anticipate the need for resources and the duration of development for each application.
Who are we talking to?
To all those who have not yet introduced IT to their business. All those who are already working with IT but are not happy with theit existing software packages. And to those who are satisfied with their software packages and think that better solutions do not exist.
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Software engineering
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